domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2011



 like to party with my friends and pass it very well.

I Like to be in fashion with clothing, when I go shopping I like to buy presentable clothes for any occasion.

                                            I like to go with my friends  the mall.


"NASA send her to explore the planet Mars to,  (Curiosity)"


This browser will inform  the NASA, the existence of life on Mars.This ambitious project is estimated to last one year if the economy of our planet does not  prevent.

URBE          Teacher Doris Molero          Leandro Nuñez

viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011

Student life

Student life

I am very happy to be a student I am very happy to be a student of one of the most beautiful universities in Venezuela missing several years to graduate, but I will graduate, that's one of my goals

My University

My University

  The urbe is a big building, it has seven buildings, a big library, it has seven little cafeterias , a lots of laboratories, and a lot of main halls it also has a  health services building and a big parking place. It also has four sports fields, one for basketball practice, one for the realization of indoor soccer, one for volleyball practice, a large field for the realization of softball, baseball and kickingball.

This is my neighborhood

This is my neighborhood

My area there is much movement,  is located on Avenue 13 this one of the main avenue of Maracaibo, is a very nice way  here are very friendly people, my family has over 27 years living around here, we are near a school, a gym, a hardware store and have a bakery two blocks, 5 blocks this the center of the city, where there are a variety of malls and shops.


jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2011

my errands

My Errands
 Generally go to the bank with my grandfather and then go to SENIAT and Corpozulia to collect the checks.

I helped my dad to keep records of annotations OF BASEBALL
                     I help my mom do the shopping.

Escort my Grandfather some the honor of his career as a sportswriter

thank you very much for reading my blog